Measuring & Analysing the heartbeat

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Understand the heartbeat of your location with GDPR-compliant advanced data analysis and visitor flows forecasting.

The solution

Do you know how locals and visitors explore your destination? 

With the help of data, analyses and forecasting, you can prepare in advance for periods of increased visits and adjust your marketing activities, optimise your offer or allocate resources.

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Understand the heartbeat of your location with GDPR-compliant advanced data analysis and visitor flows forecasting.

Multiple data sources

Understand what data is relevant for you to help solve your specific local issues.

With FLOWS, you can answer key questions such as:

  • When do peaks occur?
  • What is the effect of seasonality on visits?
  • Which areas experience overcrowding?
  • What impact do traffic flows have?
  • How the weather, holidays and other events affect visitor patterns?

FLOWS uses multiple data sources to monitor residents and short term visitor flows on a micro and macro level: from smart counters (e.g. pedestrian, bycicle, traffic), mobile data providers, and points of interest, to tourist tax collection, communal infrastructure (e.g. waste, water and electricity consumption, public WiFi networks), tourist arrivals/overnight stays, events, etc.

Powerful data visualisations, analysis & forecasts

Data monitoring made simple and accessible.

The intuitive user interface displays seasonal fluctuations, entrances/exit points to the area, and movement within a specific area or time interval. Forecasts and predictions are generated by AI, using historical data weighted by special parameters for maximum accuracy.

Become the selected pilot location in 2024

We want to support destinations embracing the power of local data to improve their local area. Whether a complete beginner or advanced data user, everyone is welcome to join this mission. Don't miss this opportunity and apply now!


Dynamic data fusion

FLOWS enable advanced analyses and forecasts based on anonymised data from a multitude of different sources.

Advanced features:

  • Integrate data from multiple data sources
  • Analyse data in various different formats
  • Real-time data and historical data
  • On-line dashboard with comprehensive data on your KPIs
  • Simple user interface with clear charts and maps
  • Advanced forecasting