Use cases

Mountaineering 4.0

Mountaineering 4.0 brings innovative technologies to the Alpine environment. In partnership with the  Alpine Association of Slovenia, CIPRA Slovenia and Alpine Club Tržič, Arctur and Tourism 4.0 partners set up a system of 30 footfall sensors at five destinations - Vršič, Lovrenška jezera, Storžič, Osp and Kum – along popular hiking trails. The footfall monitoring system collects data in real-time and displays the data on the user-friendly FLOWS dashboard, allowing stakeholders to better understand visitor patterns in the Alpine area, and thus support the sustainable rerouting of Alpine flows.

The collected data shows for the first time the actual visitor patterns in the Slovenian mountains in real-time. The data on visits to selected hiking trails will also be included in the maPZS application and combined with other relevant and available data, such as weather, traffic, and mountain accidents.